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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mom Vloggers Creating Powerful Online Presence

There is a rapid emergence of mom vloggers and it’s time for marketers who want to stay ahead of the game to take notice. Let me give you an example. Just three short weeks after launching MomTV, this online video destination for moms has over 30 live weekly shows booked on their 24/7 Mom TV online network. Moms, many of whom are popular bloggers, are creating shows on everything from cooking to fashion to travel. It’s amazing to watch these moms “broadcast” live from their laptop with the help of a HD Webcam to hundreds of mom viewers. The audience then has the ability to chat, submit questions or even appear via video and ask questions. It’s truly addictive.

There is another example with, the sister site to MomTV, where over 500 moms are now vlogging their daily thoughts on parenthood. Think blogging on video. Moms who view the videos can comment back to the moms via video as well. It’s bringing the personality and passion of mothers to life for her readers. Yesterday in a webinar titled "The Emergence of the Mom Blogger" sponsored by BSM Media, Maria Bailey, author of Mom 3.0: Marketing WITH Today’s Mothers by Leveraging New Media and Technology, facilitated a virtual panel of mom vloggers. Panelists included Danielle Smith (, Jendi Pagano (, Stephanie Piche (co-founder of ) and Stacy Nerdin(

Here are some of the highlights and insights from these moms who are leading the way for other mom vloggers:

• Moms find creating videos easy with plug-in video cameras;
• Moms like to watch video because they enjoy seeing the passion of other mothers;
• Moms enjoy vlogging because it allows the authenticity of the mom come through;
• For marketers, it allows for the opportunity to demonstrate and educate the viewer;
• and are growing because it allows moms to interact during video shows.

For more information on video and moms, email or visit to see it live!

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